About us



About Us


Originated from a passion for motorcycles, based on years of racing experience

Toronda Engineering is an innovative and ambitious company that focuses on the development of parts for many different 2-wheeler racing classes. The entire development process, from the CAD design to the actual (CNC) production and the execution of practical tests, can take place in-house.
Our team consists of pure motorsport enthusiasts and is also distinguished by the combination of thorough motor knowledge from study and years of personal racing experience at a high level.
Since our driver Sarik Roufs is part of our team on a daily basis, we have many opportunities to actually test products and developments on the track.

In addition to the development and sale of our own products, we are also frequently engaged, as a development or production partner, by colleagues from the motorsport industry.
Our well-equipped workshop, including 2 CAD stations, a CNC machining center and a power test bench, enables us to meet any development challenge.

Our activities have now led to the building of a loyal customer base.

Het Team

Meran Roufs

Sarik Roufs